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22nd August, 2020

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Hey Guys, I have a lot of people asking me where do I get my ribbons for my wedding cars. I buy bulk from Curry Ribbons in Katoomba, but you have to buy 90 metres at a time. You can decorate every car on your street, lol.

One cool thing they do though, is they can print your names and date on the ribbons which look great on the cars on your wedding day.

Curry Ribbons

Please note: they do need plenty of notice. We use 50mm double sided satin white ribbons on the cars. Double sided so they dont scratch the paint work.

If you only want ribbons for one or 2 cars, you can but on ebay by the metre.

Just buy well ahead of time, especially as its coming from Melbourne. During Covid, everything takes so much longer.

Thinking of all my family and Friends in Melbourne who are in stage 4 lock down.

Anyhow, hope this helps.

If you have any questions, please email me and I will answer best I can for you and share your questions on my blog page.

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Have a great day.

Weddings during Covid 19 Epidemic in Sydney

1st July, 2020
wedding cars sydney

Hi Brides and Grooms to be, well its been a trying time for us, all of you and your suppliers.

So Covid19 has basically shut down all weddings, but slowly we are getting back to a new normal, smaller, more intimate weddings. I have had the honour of being part of these weddings, mostly home ceremonies, 10,now 20 and soon 100 person church or garden weddings, an you know what, I loved them, so intimate and personal, You just dont realise what you have till its gone, a party with friends, family, acquaintances.

Who needs them! Maybe the reception houses, but thats another blog. Direct family, mums and dads, siblings, perfect.

You know what, all my brides and grooms that I have driven in the last 2 months during Covid restrictions have had such a fabulous day – seem happier to me than if they were having the big weddings. They got to go back to basics, simple wedding with their closest people that they love, a chance for a detailed photo shoot, then off to their honeymoon night, that they get to enjoy because they are not exhausted, what more could you want.

One wedding I was involved in last month was supposed to have 400 plus guest, but due to restrictions, they had 20 people in a garden wedding, it was perfect. They didnt have hundreds of people at the pre ceremony home telling them what to do, no rushing, no waking up at 4 am in the morning to get hair and makeup done, no stress about the bridal party and families, will they show up! Who’s fighting with who, will the bridal party do as they are told, will everything run on time, will everything work out, none of that. They could concentrate on the most important part of the event, each other!

The bride and groom could not stop smiling the whole day, I dont know if they were happy that they were getting married or happier they didnt have to have the big wedding.

Anyhow, we took off for photos for a couple of hours, hey, it was great, we had the whole city to ourselves, no traffic, no crowds getting in the way of the photos, no line up for photos in the popular photo locations, serious, how good was that, no parking issues, lol.

After we finished the photos, I dropped them off at a 5 star hotel, they got a free upgrade due to the hotel being empty, by 5pm they were in there hotel enjoying their hotel room and facilities and their honeymoon.

They told me they were going to rest, then freshen up and go to a beautiful restaurant, just the 2 of them, seriously, how perfect is that.

Its funny, on a normal wedding, after ceremony and photos, driving to the reception, I always make a joke, Hey guys, straight to the hotel and skip the reception, you would not beleive how many couples say they wish, well this couple could, they did and they loved it.

So moral of the story, your in love, you want to get married, get married, start your life together, you want the big party, you want the honeymoon, do it, just after Covid.

Concentrate on the most important part of the day, you and your fiancee.

You know they say when you loose one of your senses other senses become more prominent. Let your future bride and groom become the prominent sense of the day!

I am taking bookings constantly now for these small intimate weddings, so just do it, nothing can stop love, not even Covid 19.

Last minute bookings available.

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